Keeping in Touch - May 2020

As we approach the 8th week in lockdown in the UK, so many of us are grateful for the wonders of video technology.  At the beginning of this year, the term 'Zoom' brought memories of an ice lolly that we enjoyed as children and now it is a lifeline to being able to maintain contact with friends and family.  We are so grateful to our Musical Director, Pete Linnett, for finding ways to use Zoom to enable us to continue to enjoy weekly a cappella singing.

We are delighted that we have been able to continue with our Monday evening term time practices at the slightly later time of 7.30pm. Our initial wrestling with Zoom on PCs, laptops, iPads and phones is now a distant memory and most of us are now dab hands in a way that seemed near on impossible on week one.  Of course, these sessions can never replace the experience of singing together in person and we are keeping faith that the hugely happy day of doing this again is not so very far away.

Keeping In Touch - March 2020

The Langport Community Choir committee has sadly decided to postpone face to face choir practice sessions on a Monday evening at Huish Academy, in line with current COVID-19 Government Guidance.

Throughout this period of postponement, members will continue to have access to song parts on our Musical Director, Pete Linnett's website and will be kept informed of any additional material that Pete adds.  Members are also invited to contribute interesting and/or fun singing information to this page - with lots of emphasis on the latter!  

To kick start the ball rolling, here is a video of our performance of Gazapkhuli with Pete's Meeting Voices Choir at the Bristol Choirs Convention on 1st March 2020.  Members will smile when they remember learning the words for this fabulous Georgian song - what a relief it was when a member of the audience that spoke Georgian said that our pronunciation was excellent!  Please do add your feedback beneath.

Stay happy and healthy in the days ahead - singing is vital to wellbeing for so many and we will keep singing until that happy day when we next meet.

Autumn & Winter 2019

The Autumn and Winter weather was so mild in Somerset in 2019, that one season quietly merged into the next.  There were many blue sky days in Langport throughout the weeks and high water levels gave the most fabulous reflections in the River Parrett.

Which fitted perfectly with one of Pete's song arrangements for the season.  'Mirrors' was composed by Sally Oldfield in 1978 for her debut studio album 'Water Bearer'.  A song that was very uncharacteristic of the style of popular music of that era, the arrangement was great fun and interesting to learn.

We were delighted to give our first performance in November at Milford Junior School, Yeovil, where Alto Zetta teaches.  What a magical experience it was watching the sea of eager young faces as we sang at their morning assemblies.

'Pretty Paper' composed by Willie Nelson in 1963 was one of the seasonal arrangements that Pete included in our Christmas set.  The song was inspired by a disabled man who sold paper and pencils outside a department store in Fort Worth, Texas.  It was a salient reminder to give consideration to others who are less fortunate during the season of plenty.

Our first Christmas performance was a return to The Guild Hall in Chard to perform our season's set with Pete's Chard Choir - Meeting Voices at their Sing Our for Christmas Show in aide of Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.  Made even more fun by a bit of impromptu audience participation, we all quickly forgot about the wild winter weather outside.

And to end our singing year we returned to Immacolata House in Langport, where the choir packed the residents lounge for our final Christmas sing.  We very much enjoy taking part in community activities and we are always open to invitations to sing.

And so as we start a new year and decade, we can take heart knowing that there will be many happy singing experiences lying ahead.  Singing brings great joy and much more to us all at Langport Community Choir - do come along for a trial Monday night session - our new term start on Monday 13th January 2020 at 7pm in the Main Hall at Huish Academy in Langport.

Summer 2019

This beautifully refurbished clock has been hanging proudly for its first summer above Langport Town Hall.  A striking landmark on the main street for over 200 years that initially defied the introduction of GMT, it is now very much on time and marks the speedy passage in Langport.

As has happened with our summer choir term, now complete with all planned practices and performances.  As ever, the pleasures were many, and we were particularly delighted to return to perform at Kingsbury May Day Festival this year.  A sunny early summers day made for a fun and happy event for all - Bass Dave is sure to have fun whatever the weather!

The varied set lists our Musical Director, Pete Linnett, has created for us this year have been very well received and throughout the summer we have enjoyed singing a variety of World, Folk, Georgian, and Bosnian songs.  We were honoured to be the first of Pete's choirs to sing a new song Pete has written and arranged for his choirs - 'Flag of Peace' - a moving and thought provoking arrangement that we hope we did justice to.  

While we are a very attentive bunch at our Monday night practices, a few members also like to bring a little something to work on during down time.  Tenor Utta recently started stitching a cushion cover designed by her sister Barbara and it is likely to keep your going well into winter practices!

We were delighted to give our final summer performance at our end of term Friends & Family Social Evening to over 60 guests.  Audience participation was by no means mandatory, however, Pete worked his magic and quickly encouraged our guests to try their hand at our closing African Gospel song 'Kana Kameme'.  

That is the thing with singing in a community choir, you just want to take part and then you quickly realise that the benefits are many.  Our two hours or so singing each week bring huge pleasure and feel good factors to our members and gathering their feedback at the end of this term made an impressive display.

As ever, we cannot thank Pete enough for all that he does to make for these happy session.  The twists of turns of life our many and as one member put it 'two hours of pure pleasure' are worth their weight in gold.  While we will all now enjoy our summer break, we certainly look forward to the start of our autumn term on Monday 9th September 2019 - we offer a free first taster session for anyone who feels tempted to try!

Spring 2019

Oh the joys of early Spring sunshine and clear blue skies on stunning early morning standing by Langport's River Parrett.  How wonderful it is to forget all about winter cold and grey sky days for a good while - we hope!

Our first song set for 2019 has started with lots of gentle and heart-lifting singing, including this mellow song first recorded by Elvis in 1961 and published by Gladys Music.  Written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore and George David Weiss, it was based on a popular French love song 'Plaisir d'amour' written in 1784 by Jean-Paul-Egide.

Our set has also included a few more lively arrangements and it has been lots of fun learning African Zulu song 'Shona Malanga'.  A working song of the anti-apartheid era that translates to 'Shorten The Day', it is now a song of celebration.  We are confident that we can master the song AND the dance steps very soon!

Our first performance of 2019 was on a glorious sunny Spring day at the South West Choirs Convention in St Georges Hall in Bristol.  The hall has recently been refurbished and the several hundred people who traveled far and wide to attend were able to enjoy the new glass atrium and pretty surrounding gardens.  This annual convention has taken place in the heart of Bristol each Spring for the past 15 years and long may it continue.

Bright tops and dark bottoms were the in colours for many of the choirs attending and so our colourful attire was very in vogue.  It was lots of fun performing 'Can't Help Falling In Love' and Serbian Folklore song 'Mala Moja', led as always by our talented Musical Director Pete Linnett.

We were also able to help one of our longest standing members, Gill Simms, celebrate her 80th birthday weekend - a fabulous achievement that we were delighted to share.

Gill is one of the choir's founding members and you may spot a few other familiar faces too - least of all Pete's!

How wonderful it is to celebrate life events with song amongst people who share this life enhancing passion.  Our thoughts this Easter are very much with absent friends and we look forward to singing time together soon.

Winter 2018

There have already been many watery views in South Somerset this winter, and thankfully so far we have been able to enjoy wintery vistas like this at the River Parrett Langport impact free :)

Accessible roads have been particularly appreciated in December and thankfully allowed choir members to travel to our two Christmas performances.  First up was 'Sing Out for Christmas' at the Guild Hall in Chard on 15th December, were we were delighted to support Pete Linnett's Meeting Voices Community Choir to help raise funds for Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

And finally for 2018, we gave our end of term performance at Immacolata Care Home in Langport where we received a very warm welcome from staff and residents.  Our Christmas set this year included traditional festive renditions of Silent Night, Winter Wonderland and Shepherds Arise and also a few less seasonal tracks - we greatly enjoyed singing 'Chains' written by Gerry Goffin & Carole King and first recorded by the Beatles in 1962!

And so another year of scintillating song with our Musical Director Pete comes to an end - we really appreciate the singing opportunities that Pete provides for us.  After weeks of practice, song parts can stay with singers for many days following and you may well hear an impromptu rendition from one of us when walking the sparkly streets of Langport this Christmas!

Autumn 2018

As mild as it still is in Somerset, the darker evenings leave no doubt that we are well into autumn.  How easy it is to go into hibernation, particularly when faced with the thought of a dark journey to practice sessions - Pete our musical director has the longest journey of all from Lyme Regis.  The noticeboard in the hall at Huish Episcopi Academy reminds us why the effort is well worth while.

Getting together with friends we have missed throughout the summer months is such a great pleasure too.  We particularly enjoyed seeing Bernie back this term to make up our base numbers.

Keen as ever to promote the benefits of singing, we were delighted to set up a stand for the morning recently in Langport Library.  We are a very happy bunch and it is likely that we generated a bit more merriment than a library is used to!

And so our Monday evenings are now happily being spent learning new songs for our autumn and winter performances.  We have made great inroads on learning three new pieces this term, plus we have started on our first Christmas carol!  Our next performance is with other passionate Somerset choirs at the Edgar Hall in Somerton on Friday 9th November 2018.

And for the diary o
ur first Christmas performance will be with the Meeting Voices Choir at the Chard Guildhall on Saturday 15th December 2018.

Please do come along to see us and support the great causes for both of these events.