Spring & Summer 2022

The arrival of spring and summer 2022 has brought a whirlwind of activity for all and after two years of confinement, the possibilities for connecting with others have been a joy, albeit a touch exhausting at times!  The choir has kept moving forward through the highs of singing together, the lows of infections and the challenges of extreme weather.  We attended and performed at the rescheduled Bristol Choirs Convention in April, singing with Pete's Chard and Lyme choirs.  We also gave a performance at the Drayton Jubilee Fete in June despite an untimely downpour and needing to run for cover!  

At our final practice session we had been polishing off our set for an end of term summer event, due to take place outside Tesco in Langport the following Monday, looking to raise much needed funds for a new library at Huish Episcopi Primary School and for publicity for the choir over the summer.  

Our set included one of the songs we have greatly enjoyed learning this term, 'Lost Words Blessing' - composed by a group of European musicians and arranged by Nikomo Clarke.  The song is inspired by the amazing children's 'Lost Words' book by Robert MacFarlene, which has happily also inspired an art competition by children at Huish Episcopi Primary school.  Most sadly, our event had to be postponed due to extreme high temperatures and we very much hope that we will be able to reschedule again in the near future. 

All that we do is only possible with the guidance and skill of our enduring musical director, Pete Linnett.  We wish Pete and all of our members, happy and relaxing summer weeks and we look forward to resuming our practice sessions at the Langport Arms on Monday 18th September 2022 - 7pm to 9pm. Please do email should you like to try a free practice session with us - langportcommunitychoir@hotmail.co.uk

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