Autumn & Winter 2022

And so the heat of the summer of 2022 continued into autumn and even when the flood waters rose in and around Langport, the mild weather continued longer than we could have reasonably expected.   We had many bright and sunny days until well into December and the moors in and around Langport looked particularly scenic.

Starting to learn songs for our Christmas set on mild autumn evenings, the possibility wintery weather felt a lifetime away.  Perhaps Pete's revival of this cult 1973 song by Roy Wood had a part to play in bringing an early drop of snow to Somerset that caught many unawares!

By the time we performed this and other festive songs at our Family and Friends social in mid December, that snow had disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.  We greatly enjoyed singing our Christmas set all the same, our first indoors performance in Langport since 2019.  How blessed we felt by this happy evening in the Langport Arms Ballroom after three lean years and we are so grateful to Pete for keeping us going throughout.  Long may our happy choir continue and we greatly look forward to raising our voices together throughout 2023.

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