Winter 2021

Returning to our practice sessions on a hot and steamy September evening, it was impossible to imagine that we would ever be cold again!  Now in the depths of winter with Chrismas behind us, the winter lights that continue to twinkle in the main street in Langport gives a very warming welcome.

And here we are on that first balmy autumn evening sampling a bit of DIY social distanced singing for size in our new practice space. To hear each others voices again in real time was just fabulous, albeit a little less clearly than before.  A cappella singing is very much about team work and how each of us sings as individuals is very connected to the hearing the wider group. 

The title of one of the first songs we learnt with our leader Pete was very fitting for our singing return.  Written by Gary Bonner & Alan Gordon, Happy Together was first recorded by The Turtles in 1967.  While it's words do have sad undertones, this song's catchy and upbeat tune made it much fun to learn and sing.

As the colder days and dark nights began, our return to Christmas carols commenced.  With tunes more often firmly entrenched from a young age, learning harmony parts for carols can take a bit of doing.  Our set this year included the one of the oldest Christmas carols, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night was based around a poem written by Poet Laureate - Nahum Tate in 1652 - the only Christmas hymn authorised to be sung by the Anglican Church before 1700.

Our Christmas performance for 2021 came around at speed and supported by Tescos in Langport, our musical director Pete Linnett led our fun and festive sing in front of the store.   We were also delighted to raise £167 for Langport & Huish Episcopi Youth Group towards creating their amazing summer street flags.  We are so grateful to Pete for making our performance happen and helping us to end our singing year on a very happy note, despite all the challenges.

So as we tentatively approach 2022 and a new year of raising our voices, we wish all who love to sing harmonious hours in the weeks and months ahead.  Some things take a little time to get going again in the winter months, however, as many will agree, they are very much worth waiting for.

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