Spring & Summer 2021

The vibrant fluttery flags have returned to Langport in 2021 and with them has come many blue sky Spring and Summer days.  This colourful and creative Summer spectical by Langport & Huish Youth Group has brightened the main street in Langport for many summers and to see their return this year was so very welcome.

We continued with our weekly Zoom sessions until the end of May and are most grateful to Pete Linnett for supporting us through the winter lockdown.  Thank you to all you took part over the lockdowns and helped to keep our choir alive through unprececedented times.  

After so many months of remote singing, what a great joy it was to finally sing together again one sunny summers evening on Cocklemoor.  In kindly weather we found our voices with surprising ease and it was amazing to hear them combined again after so many months.  Even better, that others in Langport enjoyed listening to us and watching how we learn.

All of this has only been possible with the continued support and skill of our Musical Director Pete Linnett.  We marvel even more at his abilities and it was wonderful to see him in action again in person.

And of course our members too - each of us having many stories to tell of our lives over the past year.  To make another happy evening hosted by our Bass Ed in his garden was another huge pleasure.

And so as we approach the autumn, the River Parrett continues to flow into Langport and reminds us that life goes on.  With a careful and considered plan to return to indoor practice from 6th September, we give thanks at being able to sing together again and remember those who will be unable to join us.

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