Summer 2019

This beautifully refurbished clock has been hanging proudly for its first summer above Langport Town Hall.  A striking landmark on the main street for over 200 years that initially defied the introduction of GMT, it is now very much on time and marks the speedy passage in Langport.

As has happened with our summer choir term, now complete with all planned practices and performances.  As ever, the pleasures were many, and we were particularly delighted to return to perform at Kingsbury May Day Festival this year.  A sunny early summers day made for a fun and happy event for all - Bass Dave is sure to have fun whatever the weather!

The varied set lists our Musical Director, Pete Linnett, has created for us this year have been very well received and throughout the summer we have enjoyed singing a variety of World, Folk, Georgian, and Bosnian songs.  We were honoured to be the first of Pete's choirs to sing a new song Pete has written and arranged for his choirs - 'Flag of Peace' - a moving and thought provoking arrangement that we hope we did justice to.  

While we are a very attentive bunch at our Monday night practices, a few members also like to bring a little something to work on during down time.  Tenor Utta recently started stitching a cushion cover designed by her sister Barbara and it is likely to keep your going well into winter practices!

We were delighted to give our final summer performance at our end of term Friends & Family Social Evening to over 60 guests.  Audience participation was by no means mandatory, however, Pete worked his magic and quickly encouraged our guests to try their hand at our closing African Gospel song 'Kana Kameme'.  

That is the thing with singing in a community choir, you just want to take part and then you quickly realise that the benefits are many.  Our two hours or so singing each week bring huge pleasure and feel good factors to our members and gathering their feedback at the end of this term made an impressive display.

As ever, we cannot thank Pete enough for all that he does to make for these happy session.  The twists of turns of life our many and as one member put it 'two hours of pure pleasure' are worth their weight in gold.  While we will all now enjoy our summer break, we certainly look forward to the start of our autumn term on Monday 9th September 2019 - we offer a free first taster session for anyone who feels tempted to try!

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